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Aberele Anecdotes of the Prairies. Bismarck, ND, Quality Print. Service.
Aberele From the Steppes to the Prairies: Story of the Germans Settling in Russia on the Volga and Ukraine, also the Germans Settling in the Banat
Aberele Pioneers and Their Sons, Vols. I & II and the Bohemians in Crimea, Their Resettlement in the Americas--North and South American and in Canada. 5th ed. Bismarck, ND, Bismarck Tribune Co., 1963
Adams German Americans, An Ethnic Experiance
AHSGR Kuche Kochen (cookbook)
AHSGR The AHSGR Resource Kit, Vol I, Exploiting the Information Explosion, 1998.
Akers Kestek-Lemke Story, a personal family history, 1995
Albers The Way it Was, The ND Frontier Experience, Bk 4, Germans from Russia & Tweton Settlers, 1999.
Allard Hutterites, Plain People of the West. National Geographic, July 1970
Alliluyeva Svetlana Alliluyeva; 20 Letters to a Friend. NY, Harper, 1967
Ammon Ammon--History and Heritage of Salomon and Katharina; the Odessa Area of South Russia to Homestead in North Dakota. Publ.Walla Walla, WA, 1986
Anuta East Prussians from Russia.
Anuta Ships of our Ancestors. Mernominee, MI, Ships of our Ancestors, Inc. 1983.
Arends Central Dakota Germans.
Arendt The Kloberdanz Family History, 1680-1999, 1999.
Bailes Mennonites Come to Kansas. NY American Heritage, 1959.
Baker Religion in Russia today. Nashville, TN, Southern Pub. Assoc., 1967 (American Heritage, vol. 10, no. 5, 1959)
Bauer Das frische Haff und die frische Nehrung, Ed. by Hanns Bauer und Carl Lange. Koningsberg, Grafe und Unzer, 1933.
Bauer Erfahrungen aus meinen Missionarleben in den Dakotas. Experiences from My Missionary Life in the Dakotas, Bismarck Tribune.
Belousova Fond 252, Odessa Office for Foreign Settlers in Southern Russia (1806,1807, 1814-1834, 1850) Guide plus Amendment.
Bender Bender--History and Record of Friedrich Bender Sr. and family.
Bentz If I Can, You Can Decipher Germanic Record, San Diego, CA, 1982.
Beratz German Colonies on the Lower Volga.
Berlitz Business to Business in Russian.
Bethell Last Secret: the Delivery to Stalin of Over 2,000,000 Russians by Britain and the United State, NY, Basic Books, 1974.
Bonner, Wayne Volga German Settlements Identified in Isenburg and other German Church Records," Part 1. Gift of the Author.
Brandt German Genealogy: Guide to World Wide Sources and Migration Patterns.
Brandt Germanic Genealogy, 2nd Ed, 1997.
Bruntz Children of the Volga, Ardmore, PA, Dorrance, 1981.
Crull "Gott Troste Dich" Poems.
Dearden German Researcher.
Deyneka Song in Siberia.
Dietz, Jacob E. History of the Volga German Colonists
Dunn Peasants of Central Russia, NY, Holt, 1967.
Dyck Troubles and Triumphs 1914-1924 From the Diary of Peter J. Ladekopp, Molotschna Colony, Ukraine.
Edwards "Ukraine", Article, National Geographic Magazine, vol. 171, no. 5, May 1987.
Edwards Russia: Article, National Geographic Magazine, vol. 183, no. 3, Mar 1993.
Eisenbraun Deutsch Bauern in der Krim im Zeitraum von 1806 bis 1941. Rischenau, 1954.
FEEFS Syllabus, International Convention, 24-26 Sep 1999.
Feifer Escape From Russia on Foot, Reader's Digest, Feb 1985.
Ferguson Lest We Forget: Obituary index, v. 1.
Fitspatrick, Colleen and Yeiser, Andrew DNA and Genealogy
Foell, Lilian Agnew Lil's Courage
Freeh Couldn't Be Better.
Freeh, Vern Child of the Prairie, Man of the World
Friesen Family Record of Heinrich Ediger and his Wife Sara H. Ediger.
Friesen Towes .(Rev. Heinrich) Family History.
Garaventa Down on the Farm Soviet Style: An American 4-H Adventure. National Geographic Magazine, vol 155, no. 6, June 1979.
Giesinger From Catherine to Khrushchev: Story of Russia's Germans, Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, 1974.
Gogol Dead Souls. N.Y., Modern Library, 1936 c 1923.
Goldade, Peter The Goldade Family: History and Memories of the Village Zelz and Russia, 2003
Goldade, Peter The Jundt Family History With Memories of the Village Zelz and Russia
Goldade, Peter The Migler Family History
Goldade, Peter Our Relatives, The Persecuted, 2006
Goldade, Peter The Sander Family History
Golden Gate Chapter "Celebrating the First 35 Years. Chapter History 1992-2007, compiled and edited by Susan Nakaji, Published for the 35th anniversary celebration, 27 May 2007. Gift of Golden Gate Chapter.
Greenland Welcome Back to Ellis Island, Life Magazine, July 1983.
Gross, Brother Placid Mannheim School Disrict #3 School #4, Logan County, North Dakota.  Gift of Peter Goldade.
Gutsche, Horst Ich Singe Mit Wenn Alles Singt
Gutsche, Horst St. Matthew's Lutheran Church, San Francisco
Hagboldt Basic German Reader.
Hale, Douglas Germans from Russia in Oklahoma, Norman, University of OK Press, 1980.
Hanson Bauer,Armand: German-Russian "Roots" in Agriculture, Greeter: Bismarck and Mandan's City Guide, June 1980.
Harms They Challenged Us to Reach Beyond: Genealogy of the Family of Peter and Sara .(Toews) Nickel 1879-1979.
Harsh Grandfather's Stories.
Haynes A History of the Volga Relief Society.
Height Homesteaders on the Steppe: Cultural History of the Evangelical-Lutheran Colonies in the Region of Odessa, 1804-1945. Bismarck, ND, North Dakota Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1975.HeightMemories of the Black Sea Germans: Highlights of their H
Height Paradise on the Steppe: Cultural History of the Kutschurgan, Beresan, and Liebental Colonists, 1804-1972. Bismarck, ND, North Dakota Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1973.
Helbing First-year German, NY, Holt, 1975.
Heuser Heuser/Heiser Heritage: German Family Pioneers Russia, the United States and Canada, Lincoln, NE, 1980.
Hofer Hoffnungstal: Bilder Einer Deutschen Siedlung in Bessarabien. Photographic History of the Colonists of Hoffnungstal from 1892-1941, BHS VERLAG GmbH, 1985.
Horst Horst, Georg and Eva and Michael and Margaret Schmidt Families, Torrance, C1977.
Hosteller Amish Life, #1; Hutterife Life, #2; Mennonite Life, #3.
Jensen Genealogical Handbook of German Research. Rev. ed. Pleasant Grove, UT, 1980
Jordan Siberia's Empire Road, the River Ob, Nat'l Geographic Mag, Feb 1976 (a gift from Gary Stark).
Kaier Grundzuge der Geschichte, Bks 1-3.
Karpovich Imperial Russia, 1801-1917, NY, Holt, 1932.
Keller German Colonies in South Russia, 1804-1904, 2nd ed, With some revisions by Adam Giesinger. Lincoln, NE, AHSGR,1980, 2 volumes.
Kern Heimatbuch der Bessarabiendeutschen: Im Auftrage des Hilfskomitees der Evangelisch-Lutherischen Kirche aus Bessarabien e.v. Hannover und der Landsmannschaft der Bessarabiendeutchen, e.v. Stuttgart, Nov, 1976.
Klassen Volk Auf Dem Weg.
Kloberdanz Thunder on the Steppe.
Kloberdanz, Timothy and Rosalinda We Remember
Koch Volga Germans in Russia and the Americas from 1763 to the Present, University Park, Pennsylvania State University Press, 1977.
Konrad Heimatbuch der Gemeinde Kulm. Translated by Allen E. Konrad. Frankfurt/Main, Gachet, Langen Bez.
Kopp Memoirs of Father Anthony, 1999.
Kunz Germans in America.
Lindsay Bhukar Balan: White Lamb, Lincoln, NE, AHSGR, 1976, 2copies.
Lindsay Boy Who Longed to Come to America.
Lindsay Window Into the Iron Curtain.
Long, James W. From Privileged to Dispossessed, the Volga Germans, 1860-1917
Luther Bible, 1805.
Mai 1798 Census of the German Colonies along the Volga, Vols I-II, 1999.
Mai, Brent Alan and Reeves-Marquardt, Dona German Migration to the Russian Volga (1764-1767)
Mann History of Germany Since 1789, NY, Praeger, 1968.
Margheim Margheim Family Chart
Marzolf, Arnold H. "Santa in a Peanut." 1982. Gift of the Germans from Russia Heritage Society.
Massie Land of the Firebird, the Beauty of Old Russia.
Mauter Immigration to the U.S., Assimilation of Ethnocentricity? Milwaukee, WI, University of Wisconsin, 1980.
McDowell Journey Across Russia: Soviet Union Today. Washington, DC, National Geographic Society, 1977.
Medreder Truth About Chernobyl.
Miessler Pioneer Lutheran Missionary to the Chipewas: An Autobiography, St. Louis, MO, Concordia Historical Institute, 1979.
Miller Researching Germans from Russia.
Murray Prisoner of Another War.
Nat'l Archives Guide to Records and Microfilm Publications in the NARA (plus many other genealogically oriented pamphlets and items), 2003.
Phillips Die Deutschen Bauern am Schwarzen Meer, 1994.
Phillips Phillips Chronik : Family History.
Phillips The Germans by the Black Sea between the Bug and Dujestr Rivers.
Phillips Tragedy of the Soviet Germans: Story of Survival, USA, 1983.
Pleve, Igor Einwanderung in das Wolgagebiet, 1764-7, Band 1 Kolonien Anton-Franzosen 1999.
Pritzkau Growing Up in North Dakota, 1996.
Pritzkau Pioneers on Two Continents. .(2 copies)
Quiring In the Fullness of Time: 150 Years of Mennonite Sojourn in Russia, 3rd ed., Kitchener, Ont., Canada, Aaron Klassen, 1974.
Rath, George Black Sea Germans in the Dakotas, Freeman, SD, Pine Hill Press, 1977
Reeb The Moccasins We Wear.
Reuer A Distant Promise: A New Beginning.
Reuer The Last Bridge: Her Own Story.
Riemer The German Research Companion, Revised Ed, 2000.
Rife Germans and German-Russians in Nebraska: Research Guide to Nebraska Ethnic Studies, Lincoln, NE, Pub. the Center for Great Plains Studies and the NE Curriculum Development Center, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, 1980.
Rimland Furies and the Flame: True Story of a Family's Journey Across Continents.
Rimland Wanderers: Saga of Three Women Who Survived, St. Louis, MO, Concordia Publishing House, 1977.
Rippley Of German Ways.
Roemmich A Conflict of Three Cultures: Germans from Russia in America.
Roemmich Conflict of Three Cultures: Germans from Russia in America, Jacob Roemmich Family History.
Rohrs, Richard C. Germans in Oklahoma
Ross The USSR Under Stalin.
Ryan Colorado--Music of Northwestern CO, KS, & NE.(Recording/Record) Colorado, Truly a Melting Pot, Rocky Mountain News "Now", Sunday Aug 14, 1977.
Sallet Russian-German Settlements in the United States, Fargo, ND, North Dakota Institute for Regional Studies, 1974.
Scheuerman Pilgrims on the Earth: German-Russian Chronicle, Rev. Ed., Fairfield, WA, Ye Galleon Press, 1976.
Scheuerman Volga Village Research.
Schieder Expulsion of the German Population From Czechoslovakia, Bonn, Fed Ministry for Expellees, Refugees and War Victims,1960, vol. 4 only. Schieder Fate of the Germans in Hungary, Bonn, Fed Ministry for Expellees Refugees and War Victims, 1961, vol. 2; same in
Schrib Lydia: German-Russian Immigrant's Story, Schrib/Reed.
Schwartz How to Get Organized and Stay That Way! Basic Guide to Notekeeping in Genealogical Research, Los Angeles, 1977.
Schwartz In the Far Country: Portrait of Three Generations.
Schwartz Notes on Research: Methods and Sources, Culver City, CA,1981.
Sherman Plains Folk: North Dakota's Ethnic History, Sherman/Playford/Thorson.
Sinner, Peter Germans in the Land of the Volga
SD State Historical Preservation Center German-Russian Folk Architecture in Southeastern South Dakota, from the State Historical Preservation Center, in Vermillion, South Dakota. Gift of Rick Anderson
So Dak Univ Business Research Bureau of the Historical Preservation Center, Historic Sites of SD: Guide Book, Sioux Falls, SD, Modern Press.
Solzhenitsyn Gulag Archipelago, 1918-1956: An Experiment in Literary Investigation, NY, Harper, 1973.
Spomer German Influence in the History of Fresno County, Article by Ray W. Spomer, Pub. 1989.
Steinbeck Russian Journal, NY, Viking Press, 1948.
Stumpp Emigration From Germany to Russia in the Years 1763 to 1862, Tubingen: Author With the Cooperation of the AHSGR, 1972.
Stumpp Emigration from Germany to Russia in the Years 1763-1862. Rev. ed., Lincoln, NE, AHSGR, 1978.
Stumpp German-Russians: Two Centuries of Pioneering, Bonn, Atlantic-Forum, Jubilee ed., 1978.
Sturdevant Schmeckfest: Taste of the Sentimental, Minneapolis Tribune, Picture, Sun., May 7, 1978.
Sykes Second Hoeing. Lincoln NE, University of Nebraska Press, 1982.
Toepfer Conquering the Wind, Garwood, NJ, Tabloid Lithographers, 1966.
US Archives US National Archives Trust Fund Board: 1900 Federal Population Censes, Catalog of Microfilm Copies of the Schedules, Washington, DC, 1978.
Vossler, Ron We'll Meet Again in Heaven
Voth House of Jacob.
Wall Becker Family: Johann Becker and Aganetha Nickel Families, 1777-1982, Freeman, SD, Pine Hill Press, 1982.
Walsh Readings in Russian History From Ancient Times to the Post-Stalin Era. 4th rev. ed., Syracuse, NY, Syracuse University Press, 1963. vol. I
Walter, Elizabeth B. Barefoot in the Rubble
Walters Wir Wollen Deutsche Bleiben .(We Want to Remain German): Story of the Volga Germans. Kansas City, MO, Halcyon House, 1982.
Walth Neu-Gluckstal in the Area of Odessa, 1999.
Walth, Richard B. Flotsam of World History.
Waltner Banished for Faith. Freeman, SD, Pine Hill Press, 1968.
Weidenweber, Sigrid Catherine (Book I)
Weidenweber, Sigrid The Volga Germans (Book II)
Welk My America, Your America: With Bernice McGeehan. Englewood Cliffs, NJ, Prentice-Hall 1976.
Wentzlaff Sketches and Legends of the West, Pierre, SD, 1912.
Wenzlaff Son of Colonia the Forgotten. Los Angeles, CA, D.H. Shol. 1937.
Wildermut Correspondence with Mitteilungsblatt, 1983.
Wildermuth Haller Family.
Wildermuth Life on the Farm.
Wildermuth Wildermuth Family: Pedigree Chart and Article About Schwabians in Baden/Wurttemberg.
Williams A Social Study of the Russian German.
Williams Czar's Germans: With Particular Reference to the Volga Germans. Lincoln, NE, AHSGR, 1975.
Williams Social Study of the Russian German.
Williams The Czar's Germans.
Willis Nomenklatura the Anonymous Social Elite Register of the Soviets.
Winstorfer A Guide to Genealogical Research in The Dakotas.
Wudel What an Exciting World! Remiscences of Teaching Elementary Pupils in Germany, and Travels While Teaching, Stickney, SD, Argus, 1973. 2 cys.
Zimmermann, Oskar Escape by Troika, 2003 (this is our Oskar Zimmermann's story and a gift to the Library).
Zimmermann, Oskar The World War II Chronicle of a Bessarabian Germany

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