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AHSGR Video Tour, 2003 (two copies)

AHSGR International Convention, 1982
Audio Tape
Aussiedler and Their Stories. Kune Audio Tape
Bazaar and Fairs, Black Sea Area. Dupee Audio Tape
Colorado Dutch Hop Sampler.
Audio Tape
Documenting the Voyage of Your Immigrant Ancestors Roberts Audio Tape
Finding and Using Passenger Lists, GFRS-05 Brosy Audio Tape
German Migration Eastward Flegel Audio Tape
German-Russian Midwifery: Past and Present Sutley Audio Tape
Hasselbach Autobiography.
Audio Tape
Helps in Reading German and Russian Flegel Audio Tape
Homesteading Record, An Untapped Resource, GFRS-09 Brosy Audio Tape
Making a 1st Class Family History. You can do it. Harless Audio Tape
New Record Sources Pritzkau Audio Tape
Preserving Your Family Record for Future Generations Harless Audio Tape
Riske, Edith .(Presentation--given at Hansa Haus) Riski Audio Tape
Understanding German Record Types Pritzkau Audio Tape
Use of Maps in Research Neuman Audio Tape
Using LDS Libraries for Research Wheeler Audio Tape
Village Data Based on Computer Claussen Audio Tape
Village Night Keynote Address Miller Audio Tape
Village Research, Where do I start? Freeman Audio Tape
Annotated Bibliography of Materials Available for Purchase: Periodicals, books, maps, Lincoln, NE, Nov. 1974-1984. AHSGR Bibliography
Bibliography of the AHSGR Archives and Historical Library, Greely, CO, AHSGR, 1981. AHSGR Bibliography
Bibliography on the Germans from Russia: material found in the NY Public Library, Lincoln, NE, AHSGR 1976. Olson Bibliography
German Villages in the Ukraine. key to a microfilm of materials in boxes 146-154 of the captured German documents at the Library of Congress, Lincoln, NE, AHSGR, 1977. Giesinger Bibliography
US National Archives Trust Fund Board: Federal Population Censuses, 1790-1890, Catalog of Microfilm Copies of the Schedules. Washington, DC, 1979. US Archives Bibliography
Etmyologisches Worterbuch der Deutschen Sprach. Berlin, Walter de Gruyter, 1948. Kluge Dictionary
Mennonite Encyclopedia: Comprehensive Reference Work on the Anabaptist-Mennonite Movement, Hillsboro, KS, Mennonite Brethren Publishing House, 1955, 4 volumes.
Der Grosse Shell Atlas, 1983-84, Stuttgart, Mairs Geographischer.
Historical Atlas of East Central Europe.--Magocsi.
Maps. Cartographer, Karl Stumpp and others, Lincoln, NE, 1978. vol. I & II AHSGR Map/Atlas
Canadian passenger lists. .(Clues, 1983, pt. 2) England* Passenger List
Galveston Passenger Lists, .(Clues, 1982, pt. 1-2) Kuhr Passenger List
Hamburg Passenger Lists, Salt Lake, City UT, Genealogical Dept. of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Series C, no. 30, 1976.
Passenger List
Passenger lists from Canada. .(Clues, 1979, pt. 2 Dudek* Passenger List
Passenger Lists, Lincoln, NE, AHSGR, 1972-77. .(Workpapers) Pritzkau Passenger List
Passenger Lists, Lincoln, NE, AHSGR, 1978-79. .(Journals). Haynes Passenger List
Passenger Lists, Lincoln, NE, AHSGR, 1979-date. .(Clues) Haynes Passenger List
Der Mennonitische Maennerchoir von Winnipeg: Liederschatz II, .(Phonodisc). Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Ein Prosit!! Toast!! 40 German Beer Drinking Party Songs for Singing and Dancing!! Stereo album, Somerset.
Geboren, Gestorben, Auferstanded: Advent and Christmas Songs .(Phonodisc), AHSGR, Northern CO Chapter, Greeley, CO, 1978.
Genealogy Symposium, part 2. .(Phonotape). Wichita KS, AHSGR 13th International Convention, Aug. 3-8, 1982. AHSGR Recording/Record
German Beer Drinking Music. Album Recorded in Germany: Hans Braun, his Brauhaus Band & Chorus, Diplomat Record .
Kansas--Music of Northwestern CO, KS, & NE.
Lobsinger den Herren! .(Phonodisc). With the Loren Keil Polka Band, Omaha, NE, Ron Nadherny Enterprises, 1982. 8 Track.
Music of Northwestern CO, KS, & NE.
Nebraska--Music of Northwestern CO, KS, & NE.
Polka's for you in '82, With the Loen Keil Polka Band, Stereo album, Ron Nadherny Entrprs.
Wolga Gesangbuch Lieder, .(Phonodisc), AHSGR, Chapter Greeley, CO, 1979. 8 Track.
AHSGR.Journal. vol. I, Spring 1978-date. Index; vol. I-5, 1978-1990.
AHSGR.Work paper. Nos. 1-25; 1969-1977. Index. Nos. 1-25, 1969-1977.
Clues. 1973-1991.
Der Stammbaum: Genealogical Research. 1975-date. Bismarck ND, Germans from Russia Heritage Society. NDHSGR Serial
Family Gathering. 1979-date.
Family Record Today. 1980-1986.
First 20 Years, Golden Gate Chapter, Nov. 1991. AHSGR Serial
Genealogical Helper. v. 21, no. 1, 3-4; v. 25, no. 1-2, 4-6; v. 26; v. 34, no. 6, v. 35-date. Logan, UT, Everton Publ.
Glueckstal Colonies Research Assn. Newsletter vol. I, no. I, 1987, vol. 2, no I, 1989.
Heritage Review. 1972-date. Bismarck, ND: Germans from Russia Heritage Society. Index 1972-1985.
International Convention Proceedings. 2nd. 1971, 5th, 1974-1988. AHSGR Serial
Nebraska History: v. 60, no. 2-Summer 1979; v. 61, no. 4-Winter 1980; v. 61, no. 1-Spring 1980; v. 61, no. 2-Summer 1980; v. 62, no. 1-Spring 1981; v. 66, no. 2-Summer 1985; v. 69, no 4-winter 1988; v. 70, no 2-summer, 1989.
Newsletter. no. 7, 10-12, 14, 16-26, 29-date. AHSGR Serial
Northeast Kansas Chapter. Newsletter. No. 1-13, 1975-1977. AHSGR Serial
Southern California Chapter. Newsletter. Jan. 1972-date. AHSGR Serial
Soviet Life, Jun 1991, No 6.
Soviet Life, Mar 1991, No 3.
Deutsches Gesangbuch, Cleveland OH, Central Publishing House, 1916.
Folksongs of Our Forefathers in Russia, America and Canada, Bismarck ND, the ND Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1978. Height Songs
Pioneer Hymnal, German Congregational Churches. Yankton, SD, Pioneer Press, 1952.
Golden Gate Chapter. Lieblings-Lieder:Unserer Vorbater. Lincoln NE, 1982 AHSGR Songs - is this a book?
USSR Ukrainians: Harvest of Despair.
video cassette. BETA!