Thanks to Vera Beljakova-Miller of Africa, we now have translations of the Russian text at the beginning and end of the execution list.
Introduction to the first list
1931-1938 years, Odessa, Mass Shooting
In this number (edition, Nr. 38, 18 September 1991) we start to publish a list of the destroyed - in 1931-1938 years - Soviet Germans, who lived during this period in the town of Odessa and the Odessa Province. The published material has been prepared from the archives of the department of the UKGB (Ukrainian KGB), according to the Odessa Province, on the insistence of the Odessa society "Memorial" and handed over to the editorial office of the management (board) members and its administrator of the (people) searching-researching group of that society, Nicholai Nicholaevich Danilov.
We wish to draw attention of the reader to that, that the list is NOT complete, and we are grateful in advance for any possible additional-supplementary information, about which we shall definitely inform the instigators of the honorable action from the Odessa society "Memorial", so that these (additional) lists may be cross checked and included.
We expect that our publication will call forth a lively response as from readers, so also from organizations, which are not indifferent to the fate of the much-suffering population and are ready to publish any news reports about Soviet Germans who had fallen victims to the Stalinist-Beria-ist boundlessness to many and countless places on the one sixth of our planet (reference to USSR occupying 1/6th of planet).
Not having opportunity to publish all the 1000s of family names of those shot - representatives of other nationalities - in full, we are saving (archiving-filing) in the editorial offices current numbers (editions) in coordination with the lists, received by us, to give the readers an overview impression about the international scope of the "grandiose" happenings of the "leader of all times and all nations" (sarcastic ref. to Stalin, their inverted commas)
the Editorial Office.
Conclusion at the end of the last list
In this number (edition, Nr. 49, 4 December 1991), we finalize the publication of the list of those executed by shooting in Odessa from 1931 - 1938 of the German Soviets. Readers' letters are received by the editorial office asking for the provision of additional data on the victims, the names of who are contained in the published list. These letters we redirected to the Odessa town's society " Memorial " and we ask our readers to address their queries for the desired information to the following address:
270026, g. Odessa (Town),
Per. Chaikovski (Lane) 70.,
We express gratitude to all, who assisted in the publication of these lists, and most of all to the finding-researchers group of the Odessa town's society "Memorial", its manager/administator Nicholas Nicholaevich Danilov, and direct to the address "Memorial" the honorary (fee) for the preparation of the list for publication.
The Editor
* Member of the Board and administrator of the finding-researching group of the Odessa's town's society "Memorial" N.N. Danilov (I believe this is a caption for the photograph of Danilov that appears just above the Editors final words - H. M. Ehrman)