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Compilers: L. V. Kovalíchuk, G. A. Razumov

Editorial Board of "Odessa Memorial (Society)" :
E.M. Golubovskiy, V. M. Gribin, O. C. Ilínitskaya, S. B. Kobrinskaya,
L. N. Kurchikov, B. G. Khersonskiy (chairman)

Note by translator: The next paragraph is not Russian. It looks like Ukrainian to me, which is similar to Russian and I can figure out a good portion of it. It looks like a short description of what is in the book and publishing data. Iíll do what I can with it.

Data about the repressed people of Odessa and the Odessa Region(Oblast) (4 words not like Russian). Volume 1 / (1 word) : L. V. Kovalíchuk, G. O. Razumov. -- (3 abbreviations possibly meaning Historical-Memorial Form) -- Odessa: OKFA, 1997. -- 752 pages -- (Of the Series "Odessa Memorial").
ISBN 966-571-065-9

And then back to Russian.

The Series of books "Odessa Martyrology" is devoted to the history of the repression carried out during the years of Soviet power in Odessa and the Odessa Region (Oblast). In it are presented alphabetical lists of our repressed fellow citizens, biographical information about them, informational-analytical tables and historical sketches. The series is published by the "Odessa Memorial Society" on charitable principles and is circulated free of charge. It is intended for specialists and a wide range of readers.




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BBK 63.3(4UKR-ODE-20)6
UDK 9(477.74-25)<19>

ISBN 966-571-065-9

© L.V. Kovalíchuk, G.A. Razumov, 1997
© Original-model: Odessa
Academy Center of AsMAN, 1997

Note by translator: AsMAN is an abbreviation I am not familiar with and I am not sure what all the letters mean, but the last two letters most probably mean Academy of Sciences.