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When I was in Odessa in September 1999, I bought a book entitled "Odessa Martyrology, Book 1" (my translation, see title page). Here is a translation of the copyright page. The book has 750 pages and was printed 1997 (ISBN 966-571-065-9). It is in Russian language with some portions in Ukrainian language. The main part of the book contains a listing of 26,019 people arrested in the Odessa Oblast between 1919 and 1984. Of these, 8691 were executed.

The alphabetical list includes the full name, father's name, year of birth and the arrestee's sentence. See Example excerpt. The main part is followed by a commentary) which explains how to use the two smaller parts that follow main part of the book and explains some acronyms. There are six tables and a Figure that summarize the book contents.

In the year 2000, I bought "Odessa Martyrololgy, Book 2" (799 pages). The total listing of repressed people is now 33012. The pages at this web site now include updated information for Figure 1 and Tables 1 through 6.

Note: All nonnumeric information was translated by Donn Koenig.

Book 1 (and composite of Figure and Tables from Book 1 and Book 2)

Front matter

Introductory pages and Table of Contents - 10 pages

Section I

Alphabetical List of People under Repression - 654 pages


Some German Names

Section II

Informational-Analytical Tables - 14 pages

Figure 1

Number Arrested per Year

Table 1

Chronology of the repression

Table 2

Ages of the people under repression

Table 3

Birthplaces of the People under Repression

Table 4

Repressed Peoples Nationalities

Table 5a
Table 5b
Table 5c

Social status of the repressed people in the
sphere of their occupations, professions and jobs.

Table 6

Summary percentage data about the repressed people

Section III (and end pages)

Historical Sketches (Essays) - 72 pages

Case 3

The Case of the German Teachers' Anti-Soviet Organization within the Odessa Pedagogical Institute (Year 1934) - Galuna MALINOVA